English speaking coach

I’m working on an English version of my website, but for now a short summary.

When you’re looking for a coach it can be for so many reasons. But usually you’re not on top of your game ( in business or private) or you have to make important decisions. Career choices, more meaning in life, work-life balance, stress reduction, and so on. These are just a few examples.

Most important is that you’ll find a coach that you feel at ease with. To make sure that’s the case I’ll offer you the possiblity to get acquainted with me and the way I work. No strings and costs attached.

In advance, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a professional and certified coach with both a profound business as well as a coaching background. I’m analytical and direct, but also empathic and intuitive.  I can easily relate to business and private matters.

My specialisation is bringing balance into ratio and intuition ( /feelings), and I’m also a coach for (highly) sensitive persons (hsp). This does not mean all my clients are highly sensive! But most of them recognise themselves in being very empathic.

My clients are (executive) managers, entrepreneurs and professionals. But also young professionals and students can contact me.

Feel free to contact me to get acquainted and to see if there is a fit for you, or when you would like to get some more information.

Nathalie Berkers

tel: 06 53 171 525 or mail: nb@menfescoaching.nl

p.s. Online sessions are also an option.